“A healthy Mind in a healthy Body” with Erasmus+. The challenge is to modify and make the relation to our own personality evolve in an individual and collective approach. The actors of all ages, in more or less disabling conditions will meet and share their experiences . The outputs of these experiences (reports, articles on the blog, videos) will be collected and shared during the meeting projects, courses and congress and disseminated out. We want to support youth activeness in the fields of healthy lifestyle. Students are active in the planning, development and evaluation of the project.

Communication Jazz Club Place of culture

After a brainstorming about jazz, first pupils will discover the origins of this music form and the artists they will meet, especially Marc Berthoumieux, a famous accordionist of jazz in France and Europe. Next, they will go to a concert organized by Jazz Club of Dunkirk and will be able to talk with artists about their art and their life in general.

This action aims at favoring knowledge and goodwill between pupils, through a common and original experience. It will also contribute to improve their knowledge about their city and local heritage, and to complete their cultural formation by breaking down the barriers created by society about this form of art.

Communication Jazz Club Place of culture
Communication Jazz Club Place of culture
Communication Jazz Club Place of culture
Communication Jazz Club Place of culture
Communication Jazz Club Place of culture
Communication Jazz Club Place of culture

The Jazz Club

            In September, on a Friday afternoon, we went to the Jazz Club for a jazz concert.
We saw 4 musicians: a pianist, a bass player, a drummer and an accordionist. They played and they sometimes had breaks to talk with us.

Before going there we had a vision of jazz which was full of prejudices. We thought jazz was played with only one kind of instruments like saxophones, but not necessarily. We also thought it was always the same rhythms, sounds and always played by very old people.

 The experience has been beneficial for us because our vision of jazz has changed. The prejudices we had have disappeared. The way they integrated accordion to the band was very original, we enjoyed discovering this music. We will remember this afternoon since we learnt a lot about jazz.

Apolline  and Anaëlle 



Clara- Ambre

Before this outing to the Jazz club, we had some prejudices about it. Jazz is considered like a music for old people and old fashioned and we didn't think there were still jazz musicians. It was a very enriching discovery and it allowed us to discover Jazz better. It's pleasant to listen to. So, you shouldn't have preconceived ideas about Jazz because it was a very good moment.


On the Friday 21st ouf september we went to the jazz club to see a concert.

Before going to this concert we were thinking it was for old people and boring.

But we thought the musicians were loving what they were doing. They played with their heart and they were on fire !

They were living and it was very interresting.

We are not fond of jazz but we like it and perhaps later we will listen to jazz in the evening!

Angel  et Lucie 


Last September, we went to the Jazz club.                                                                                                      
Before this action, we didn’t know a lot about jazz.                                                                                     
The goals were to discover a new kind of music and to talk with artists about their passion.                                                   At the beginning, we were not really sure we would like this kind of music and we thought it was more music for old people. 

But during this activity we discovered a lot about jazz:
- It’s a mix between 
- It came from the U.S.A.
-The main instruments are accordin, double bass, trumpet, piano, guitar, clarinet, saxophone…
- A lot of improvisations 

We could see the musicians liked what they were playing. We liked this action because it was a new experience. Margot and Camille


Before the activity we all thouht that jazz was for old people with old instruments. But them we went to the jazz club, we met the « Quartet of Marc Berthoumieux ».

During this activity we discorved that Jazz players have parts of their songs during which they improvise since they went their music to sound always different.

Unlike what we first thought they use new technologies to compose their music. We had the opportunity to questions to Marc Berthoumieux and he gave us some precious information.

He said that now days jazz was a very underrated kind of music. Finally it was a great experience, it changed our opinion about Jazz ! From now on, we are more open to new kinds of music.

Alexandre , Robin  et Louis 


On Friday the 21st of Semptember afternoon the 2nde9 and the 2nde5, we went to the Jazz Club in Dunkirk.

Before we went to the Jazz Club I had never listened to jazz, I thought it would be in a big theater. At the end, I thought there would be a time to communicate with the artists.

The thater was small, it was a stage, some seats and other seats on the top. There were a pianist, a bass player, a drummer and accordionist. The accordionist’s name is Marc Bethounieux, They all have bands with other people. Between pieces of music, we could speak with the musiciens and asked some questions.

I find interesting to discover a new kind of music but after listening to jazz music, I don’t like that. When the musiciens spoke about their instruments it was interesting too because I would like to know how to playing piano. Anne 


Our names are Eve and Clairemeline and we are in 2D5. We went to the Jazz club to discover a not very well-known form of music, jazz.

            Before going to the concert we thought jazz was vintage and played by a band of black men dressed like the 60’s. We also thought they would only be playing saxophone, trumpet, bass, guitar and trombone.

            During the concert we learnt that jazz was mainly about improvisation and that it could be played with many other instrument like piano, accordion, drums, etc.

            Thanks to this concert, we lost most of our prejudices and in the future, we will be more open-minded about new topics.


Before the concert, we had a lesson about jazz. We had to say what we thought about jazz. I'd never listened to jazz so I didn't know what to expect. I expected we would be in a theater room, so in a big room.
During the concert, we listened to 4 artists the leader was Marc Berthoumieux, he is an accordionist. There are 3 others players, Giovanni Mirabassi who played piano, Laurent Vernerey who played electric guitar and Stephane Huchard who played drum. They are independent players, they don't have only one band, they play with different people. The guitarist has played with Jonnhy Halliday. 
After the concert, I understood their job is their passion. I think it's really good to work about one's passion. 



The title of this action is “the Jazz Club” and the sector is communication.

                 Before the activity started, our impression wasn’t good. We thought that it would be long and not interesting. Because we didn’t like jazz. It’s not a kind of music that I often listen to.

                  During this activity, the interesting things were the musicians were far from each other and when a musician had a solo, he was supported by the others. When we talked with them, communication was very interesting. Marc Berthounieux was very expressive, that’s why we paid attention to him.

                  Now, we liked jazz and we could hear this music. If someone asked us to go another time, we could accept. It was a good experience that we have to remember.  Emma Jeanne


First, I thought the concert would be a lot of fun and that I could enjoy it although we were here for school, whereas Léo-Paul thought that jazz music was basically for an older generation and that it was no longer really popular.


During the show, while entering the Studio 43, Léo-Paul thought it was a really modern place compared to what he had in mind; we both learnt that any instrument could be use to play jazz. I personally didn’t enjoy the show at all, it felt weird for some reason.

In the end, Léo-Paul was amazed by the music while I felt some sort of disappointment. We learnt it could accept every instrument which in itself is quite rare.

Even if I had the time to, I wouldn’t go back there while Léo-Paul would if he could. Joséphine.


My name is Léane and I’m in 2D05. With my class, we went to a Jazz Club to discover a not very well-known kind of music. Before the exhibition, I thought jazz was music for old people, there were just a saxophone and a trumpet and nobody listened to jazz apart from people in New Orleans. I was expecting this outing to change my mind, take me to another world and that’s what I felt. I discovered there are more instruments like piano, accordion, drums and it’s not only for old person because musicians used launch pad. It was really interesting not to listen to the same music all the time. I strongly advise you to listen to jazz once in your life because it’s not a music style that is easily forgotten.


I used to think that Jazz was old music and that it wasn’t good music. I thought there was saxophone in every jazz concert. At the moment of the Jazz concert I listened to this music and I liked it. There was a soundtrack and it was good and fast music. Now I think that jazz is a great music style, that jazz is a great music style, that jazz musicians are artists and that it’s a fast and calm music. Valmont

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