“A healthy Mind in a healthy Body” with Erasmus+. The challenge is to modify and make the relation to our own personality evolve in an individual and collective approach. The actors of all ages, in more or less disabling conditions will meet and share their experiences . The outputs of these experiences (reports, articles on the blog, videos) will be collected and shared during the meeting projects, courses and congress and disseminated out. We want to support youth activeness in the fields of healthy lifestyle. Students are active in the planning, development and evaluation of the project.

Humanity Giving is better than taking (Food Bank)

The aim of the activity was to collect food in the school. All the students  were asked to take part in the action and bring food for the « Banque Alimentaire », an organization which has over 100 branches in France, serving 200 million meals a year to 1.85 million people  who have difficulty purchasing enough to avoid hunger. First, a representative from the association came to our school and gave some information about the organization, its aim and operating method. Then,  the pupils of the Erasmus+ group took responsibility for the action. Some went to see the school principal to inform her and ask for prior authorisation. Another group created posters advertising the action, giving the date of the action and specifying the type of food needed. Those posters were displayed everywhere in the school. And the last group  visited every class to give information about the action. All the students’ families were informed by e-mails. 

Two weeks later, the representative came back to collect the food.

The pupils realised that they could take part in actions to help deprived people. They felt they acted as responsible and supportive citizens. 

They were very proud to show the result of their collection. They improved their sense of responsibility and team spirit. They were also led to display imagination, creativity and initiative.


Humanity Giving is better than taking (Food Bank)
Humanity Giving is better than taking (Food Bank)
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