“A healthy Mind in a healthy Body” with Erasmus+. The challenge is to modify and make the relation to our own personality evolve in an individual and collective approach. The actors of all ages, in more or less disabling conditions will meet and share their experiences . The outputs of these experiences (reports, articles on the blog, videos) will be collected and shared during the meeting projects, courses and congress and disseminated out. We want to support youth activeness in the fields of healthy lifestyle. Students are active in the planning, development and evaluation of the project.

creation Onnellisten rinki

Scarecrows made by our students and elderly people

Scarecrows made by our students and elderly people

In our annual Junior -senior -day our students, teachers and our elderly citizens made together human creatures,scarecrows. We gor clothes from students, teachers and a local recycling center.

We had wooden poles and boards as hands. The people in groups dressed up the poles and mountes them all on our ”Onnellisten rinki” The path for Happy people” The creatures are quite lasting and still after one year they are still there in the woods nearby our school. We can see them when we come or leave school.

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