“A healthy Mind in a healthy Body” with Erasmus+. The challenge is to modify and make the relation to our own personality evolve in an individual and collective approach. The actors of all ages, in more or less disabling conditions will meet and share their experiences . The outputs of these experiences (reports, articles on the blog, videos) will be collected and shared during the meeting projects, courses and congress and disseminated out. We want to support youth activeness in the fields of healthy lifestyle. Students are active in the planning, development and evaluation of the project.

Health Sport integration

Our school sets up a sport event which proceeds over one morning 9 a.m to 10 a.m.
On Thursday, September for the level 6th the presence of all the pupils is obligatory.

Goal of this organization: 
To make discover and practise the main activities of the UNSS suggested to our pupils and to their parents.
To incite with their registration and participation for the year to come.
To obtain a better connection school, college.


Contents of the ½ days: 
5 groups are made up starting from the 4/5 classes college and of the class segpa which corresponds to a group of 5 to 6 pupils of each class is approximately 30 on the whole.
In each group, the pupils are in challenge collate on 5 different workshops.


4 sport workshops: 
Multi master keys
Dance session
Pass the ball: try to throw ball to partners 10 times
Basket Ball: two sequences of 3min out of relay on half ground:


1 intellectual” workshop:
In the form of quizz comprising 20 relative questions with the sport field.


Over the morning the groups pass to each workshop with a rotation all the 20 '.
The guides at the beginning of hour call the roll and bring the pupils to the gymnasium.
Then they are distributed on the workshops to take care of pupils and to help in this case.

The 3 teachers of EPS and a teacher of Segpa frame the 4 sport workshops, 1 supervisor and 1 teacher of other subject organises the workshop quizz. The total of the points of each group and each class is calculated at the end of the tests in order to proclaim the results by gathering all the pupils in the presence of the parents at the end of the morning.

The group having the most points is rewarded. In parallel a documentation is given to this occasion with a bulletin of registration and information concerning the practice of the activities UNSS for the all year with the college Boris Vian.


Health Sport integration
Health Sport integration
Health Sport integration
Health Sport integration
Health Sport integration
Health Sport integration
Health Sport integration
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