“A healthy Mind in a healthy Body” with Erasmus+. The challenge is to modify and make the relation to our own personality evolve in an individual and collective approach. The actors of all ages, in more or less disabling conditions will meet and share their experiences . The outputs of these experiences (reports, articles on the blog, videos) will be collected and shared during the meeting projects, courses and congress and disseminated out. We want to support youth activeness in the fields of healthy lifestyle. Students are active in the planning, development and evaluation of the project.


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Science -Food preservation

- food preservation methods.pdf Visit to the Martí Dot kitchens and laboratory practice The students first visited...

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Health -First Aids

A class from our high school received a three-hour course on First Aid training from the local Red Cross. The aim...

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World Environment Day 2020

World Environment Day is the United Nations Day celebrated on 5th June in order to encourage worldwide awareness...

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The Water Cycle

A group of students from high School Martí Dot, in Barcelona, have been working on a multidisciplinary project...

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Green Planet

The students from Martí Dot have been reading a book called "Green Planet" to raise their awareness about ecology...

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Eco-friendly Christmas decoration

The students at Martí Dot have created eco-friendly Christmas decorations by using objects that they already had...

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Sustainable instruments

- Recycling music.pptx The Arts and Crafts teachers and the Music teachers from Martí Dot have worked together...

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SMSP19 Students 's Voice Spain Congress 2019

Some impressions from students who took part in the spanish congress during Erasmus+ EUreKorpus Week

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SMESP19 Official Video of the congress in Barcelona

Here the official movie of the Congress in San Feliu de Llobregat - IES Marti Dot during an Erasmus+ week with...

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